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Blue eyed Siamese mix looking at the camera

In the comfort of home,
With the companionship of family.

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We are a home euthanasia and aftercare service for dogs, cats, and all other pets. We can even help with smaller pet livestock, such as pot-belly pigs and goats. When the time comes where you have to say goodbye to your friend, we will travel to your residence and give them peace, in the comfort of home, with the companionship of family. 

  • By appointment, no cancellation fees

  • Same day service is possible but not guaranteed

  • Days and evenings, weekdays and weekends

  • 10 AM - 8 PM as available


We do our own aftercare service so your pet will never leave our hands.

We use aquamation. It is gentle on your pet, and gentle on the environment. The water based process typically returns about 20% more ash, and has 1/10th the carbon footprint compared to fire cremation. 

If we help you with home euthanasia or if your pet passes away at home, we can bring their remains from your home and arrange for their aftercare at our facility.


We want to grow as a company and do the best job possible for our families. If you have any feedback, even if we did not help you, please send us an email at

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