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We offer a variety of hand-crafted keepsakes for you to memorialize your pet. We paint the paw prints ourselves, and whenever possible we use local artists for other items.

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Memory Glass

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Cuddle Clones

Hand Painted Paw Prints

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Glass Paw Print

Hand-painted Paw Prints
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Our staff is able to hand paint your pet's clay paw print impression. You can pick from a variety of more simple designs, or discuss a more personalized painting with our in-house artists.

Pricing depends on the complexity of the painting, with simple designs starting at $30. More detailed designs can cost $150 and up.

Visit for more information.

Cuddle Clones
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Cuddle Clones are hand made replicas of your pet. The company can make life-like stuffed animal versions of your little one, and have other offerings as well.

After you purchase a Clone Card, visit their website at . You will send in pictures of your pet, and the Clone Card will be redeemed at checkout for significant savings.

 - Free shipping

 - 4 week production time guaranteed by the company

 - A portion of each purchase goes to support pet charities.

Products and Pricing

Order through us, and receive a 20% discount from

regular pricing

Plush clone


Golf club covers


Coffee mugs

Fleece blankets

Memory Glass and Glass Paw Prints
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Memory Glass - $300

Skilled glass artisans can infuse your pet's ashes into a beautiful glass orb or pendant. Memorialize your pet in a work of art.

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Glass Paw Prints - $75

Immortalize your pet's paw print in a beautiful glass piece. Your pet's paw print impression is taken by us in a special clay. After it dries at our facility, this is carefully packaged and shipped to the glass company, where they turn it into glass and mail it back to you.

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