Dr Marchi is here to assist you and your beloved pet with the highest quality end of life care when you need it most.

Additional Fees

To be added for special circumstances, and can be combined.


Travel - There are no travel fees within 20 miles from the business address, as per Google maps. Click the address below to find an estimate of mileage:

4720 E Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach CA 90804

0-20 miles - No charge

21-25 miles - $50

26-30 miles - $125

31-35 miles - $200

$100 for each additional 5 miles beyond 35

Remains pickup - If you only wish for me to pick up your pet's remains, there is a fee in addition to your desired cremation option. We do not offer remains pickup from 10PM-8AM.

$100 - Monday-Friday, 9AM-6PM

$150 - Monday-Thursday, 6PM-9PM (Afterhours)

$150 - Saturday, Sunday, 9AM-6PM

$200 - Friday-Sunday, 6PM-9PM (Afterhours)

Aggression and Feral Cats - $50 - $200 - If you as the owner are unable to have reasonable control of your pet or cannot at least get a muzzle placed, then you should expect this charge. The fee depends on the severity of aggression and will be assessed by the doctor when at your residence. Please advise us beforehand if you think special handling or an extra techician will be required. We are able to work with most pets, but for situations where we are genuinely worried about our safety, we will reserve the right to refuse service and refer you to your local animal control.


Holidays - $200 - Emergency service only

 - Easter

 - Memorial Day

 - Independence Day

 - Labor Day

 - Halloween

 - Thanksgiving

 - Christmas

 - New Years


Bounced Checks - $50


If your pet has passed away or if you change your mind before I arrive, you will not be charged any euthanasia fees. Instead, there will be a $50 travel fee, in addition to any aftercare you wish and other fees as listed above.


Hold remains - at the time of our service we will collect the amount for the communal cremation charge for your pet's weight. Any difference will be refunded or collected depending on your decision.

0-20 lbs .....$20

21-40 .........$40

41-80 .........$60

81-120 .......$80


Your pet's remains will be held at our facility while you make your own aftercare arrangements. If plans are not made and we have not been able to contact you for 7 days, communal cremation will be scheduled and you will not get any ashes returned. Special circumstances can always warrant extra holding time.


 - students and teachers - full time only

 - seniors - 62+

 - medical field

 - firefighter, police officer, military - active or retired


All discounts are 5%, and can be combined to a maximum of 15%.


Example: if you are a 65 year old Marine and retired firefighter, you will receive a 15% discount.


Must be able to show relevant documentation: student ID, license, firefighter/police/military documentation, etc.


Please inform us at the time the appointment is made of any discounts you will have.

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Services + Pricing

Clients can always call for free consultation to help decide when it is time to let your loved one go.


There will be no travel charges within 20 miles (by Google maps) of the business address:

4720 E Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach, CA 90804

Additional fees may apply and are listed on this page.


All payments are due when I arrive at your residence. Typically, the total will be determined prior to my arrival and I will bring a prepared invoice. If it is an emergency situation and time is of the essence, this can be determined later.


Payments accepted:

Cash, check, Venmo

ScratchPay - similar to CareCredit, this company allows loans that carry 0% interest if repaid within 3 months. Click here to apply - https://scratchpay.com/

Approval is not guaranteed.


Credit NOT accepted currently

Pet Insurance - many pet insurance companies will cover home euthanasia fees. Please have any paperwork ready for the doctor to fill out.

At Home Euthanasia

Includes all material, time, and medications required.

Cremation fees are additional, and are listed below.

Travel may be extra, please see Additional fees.


$400 - Monday-Friday, 9AM-6PM

$500 - Monday-Thursday, 6PM-9PM (Afterhours)

$500 - Saturday, Sunday, 9AM-6PM

$600 - Friday-Sunday, 6PM-9PM (Afterhours)

$50 - Technician assistance required for restraint or removal of remains.

Private cremation

With private cremation, you pet is cremated in their own chamber so all ashes returned are your pet's only.

Earth Urn

0-20 lbs .....$200

21-40 .........$250

41-80 .........$300




All aftercare fees are in addition to the home service.

Communal cremation

With communal cremation, ashes are not returned. The cremation company I work with will have them scattered at sea. 


0-20 lbs .....$100

21-40 .........$125

41-80 .........$150

81-120 .......$200


Paw print tattoo - Rambo Herring.jpg
Earth urn.jpg

Paw print - ink or clay

First print - one of either

     Clay - complimentary

     Ink - $10

Additional prints:

     Clay - $15 each

     Ink - $25 per page

Cedar Chest

0-20 lbs .....$250

21-40 .........$300

41-80 .........$350




Companion Chest

0-20 lbs .....$300

21-40 .........$350

41-80 .........$400



Ship ashes to you - Private aftercare only - $35

There is no charge if you pick them up from the crematory in Newport Beach

Pictures can be inserted into the Oak Photo

and Cedar Memory Chests.

Companion Chest and Oak Photo Chest come in light or dark wood


Oak Photo Chest

0-20 lbs .....$300

21-40 .........$350

41-80 .........$400



Paw Print Vase

0-20 lbs .....$300

21-40 .........$350

41-80 .........$400




Cedar Memory Chest

0-20 lbs .....$300

21-40 .........$350

41-80 .........$400



Alternatively, there are hundreds of other options for an urn that you can easily find on the internet. If you wish to purchase your own receptacle, do a quick internet search for "pet urn" and you will find many websites dedicated to this. Once you have the receptacle you desire, simply transfer the remains from the plastic container to the one you purchased.